20 Mindset Smaller Enterprise Prices

20 Small Business Quotes That Will Inspire You

The outside world will always throw some new challenge at you and your business. I’m a fan of this quote because I think you can read it in a bunch of different ways. In just about any small business I can think of, success starts with basic people skills. I can’t provide any scientific evidence, but I’ll bet that a smile and a warm greeting generate more profits than a blank stare and a cold shoulder. He started off selling sailing equipment and duffel bags.

Groundskeepers hold the line against weeds and grass. I don’t know the backstory behind this quote, but knowing Hepburn’s reputation in Hollywood, I’ll bet it’s a juicy one. It struck me because sometimes having a “bad guy” is just what small businesses need to motivate them. Create good habits and routines and stick to them. Customers who are angry enough to say something are giving you a gift. It may not feel constructive, but those negative reviews and complaints do wonders for helping small businesses see the blind spots.

Spend your time fantasizing about how to make your business better, then do it. Judy was more than just pigtails and ruby slippers, bet you didn’t know that! I think we fixate on other people as role models for business or life.

If you can find out why one customer is unhappy, you’ve answered a question for ten potential customers. How many of you have fantasized about your computer becoming conscious and doing your work for you? It’s so easy to sit there and wish for success but it usually doesn’t get you very far.

Businesses may need bond insurance if they work with the government or handle a client’s finances. This policy covers the value of a contractor’s lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. This policy helps pay legal fees, settlements, and medical costs if alcohol is served or sold to a visibly intoxicated person who then harms others. Commercial property insurance pays for repair or replacement of damaged or stolen business property. D&O insurance covers decisions made by directors, officers, and board members on behalf of the company.

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