20 Motivational Little Business Quotations

50 Inspirational Small Business Quotes

You’ll have noticed that often one inspirational quote contradicts the next. That’s because it is in these paradoxes that real wisdom is born. There is never just one way to look at something and with perspective comes opportunity. Ideas might be nothing without execution, but without those ideas the execution is empty. The idea of right and wrong is a construct, of course, and it might feel overly simplistic to suggest that making the right choices will smooth the path forward.

The first Land’s End catalog was printed in 1975 and it quickly became one of the biggest mail-order clothing companies on the planet. He took the company public in 1986 and in 2002, Sears bought Land’s End for $1.9 billion. The best kept secret to almost every successful business? You can call it luck, but I prefer to think of it as the intersection of persistence and opportunity. Finding motivation at the right time can remind us of basic lessons we forget in the hectic day-to-day running of our business.

At times, the sheer responsibility of it all can feel overwhelming. We have more than 90 quotes about supporting a small business that operates within our communities. You can use these quotes as captions for your Instagram post or share them on any other social media you like.

But the famous investor is merely noting with this business quote that avoiding a wrong decision is as important as making the right one. Avoiding bad decisions is aided, of course, with careful planning. Need more than quotes to improve your business performance? How about real-time data that provides transparency into all of your business processes? ProjectManager is a total work management platform that allows you to plan projects, build workflows, collaborate with your team and report on progress in one place.

Any time a potential customer interacts with your business, whether it’s visiting your website or hearing about it from a friend, that’s part of customer service. These business quotes will help you guide that customer and create the experience you want to represent your business. So much of a successful business is just the motivation and courage to keep at it. There is rarely an easy answer to success or a golden ticket. Ninety-nine times out of 100, success is the person that has worked the hardest to plan and beat their goals.

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