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For example, selling an app to individuals or small businesses or large corporations are all very different. One of my son’s friends at Stanford created a new app every week typically generating hundreds if not thousands of dollars in sales. But if you really want to build this into a business, I do not recommend this approach of quickly creating lots of apps, especially because selling apps is more competitive today.

Garden work evolved into dabbling in landscape design and collecting/selling indoor plants of all kinds. One of the newest additions to Tigard’s food cart scene, Tacos y Las Pupusas Locas specializes in a creative fusion of Mexican and Salvadorean cuisine, all devised by Cindy. Cindy’s expansive menu sets Tacos y Las Pupusas Locas apart, offering a wide array of classics like tacos and pupusas alongside creative dishes like yuca a la Mexicana and sopes platters. After losing her job due to COVID-related cutbacks, Cindy Lopez seized the opportunity to strike out on her own.

Watch her segment in the course, How to Succeed as a Woman Entrepreneur. Dropshipping means that you sell a product, typically online, but you don’t stock the product or fulfil the order. Instead you forward the order to the manufacturer, a wholesaler, or another retailer, who delivers the product to the customer. I began my book publishing business in my basement apartment with just $1500. I later sold it for $40 million.If you are thinking of starting a book publishing business today on a limited budget, consider beginning with eBooks. It’s easy to get them published and listed on places like Amazon.

Typical add-on services include leaf collection, yard clean up, edging, weeding, snowplowing, and applying fertilizer. The next level of services you could offer would be flower, bush and small tree planting. The highest level of services would be landscape architecture/design, designing and creating beautiful landscapes for higher end homes and commercial locations. I know because in college I printed T-shirts for my softball team, The Dark Horses. If you are really feeling lazy you can even contract out the actual T-shirt printing and focus exclusively on making sales and customer service. But I recommend you take a little time to learn how to print them yourself.

They did grass cutting, yard cleanup, and snow plowing but nothing fancy – I hired other services for fertilizer application and irrigation. To find out more about beginning a business, start streaming the courses on BusinessTown including Start-a-Business 101. The highly successful “Life is Good” T-shirt company is a great example of how you can do extremely well with a simple business.

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