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Government Building

These funds can be utilized to help revitalize the local live music industry, alleviate COVID-19 revenue losses, pay eligible operating expenses, assist in the safe reopening of our county, and to bring back the much-needed benefits of local music. The Lackawanna County Commissioners – Jerry Notarianni, Debi Domenick, Esq., and Chris Chermak – have announced that the four County parks are now accepting reservations for gatherings at the respective pavilions. During the upcoming season, McDade, Merli-Sarnoski, Covington and Alyesworth Parks will be open to the general public Monday to Sunday from 7 AM until dusk when the parks close. Area youth from ages 8 to 18 who are interested in learning to sew can take advantage of the opportunity to join a 4-H Sewing Club to learn to sew. An organizational meeting will be held on Monday, September 20, at 6 pm at the White Sewing Center, 735 Oak Street, Scranton.

Jesse Hawk, 23, is facing numerous charges including rioting, interfering with a peace officer, resisting arrest and unlawful use of a weapon. Peter Curtis, 40, was charged with attempted criminal mischief and reckless endangering. “This action created a fire big enough to set the fire alarms and sprinkler system off inside of the building,” police said. I love how they attempt to placate and pander to violent racist organizations like Antifa and BLM. I love my state, but fear and loathe my state and local government. Authorities received Sunday night of protesters chasing a truck a few blocks from the downtown federal courthouse.

Authorities are trying to track down the suspect, Marquise Love, 25, police said in a statement. The victim of the assault has been released from a hospital and is recovering. “In such a difficult, uncertain time, our community needs all of us to work together,” Kafoury added. Demonstrations that often turn violent have gripped Oregon’s biggest city for more than two months following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. After declaring the assembly unlawful, Portland cops asked all gathered to disperse. The protesters appeared to be calling for the abolition of police and prisons.

Protests, including in Portland, have at times erupted into arson and violence, and federal officers sent into the Northwestern city have repeatedly clashed with crowds targeting the federal courthouse there. Two protesters were arrested, and one police officer suffered minor injuries in scuffles as police broke up the demonstration, the statement said. A photo distributed by police showed one window of the building spray painted with a bull’s eye and the words “Aim Here.” Using “some crowd control munitions” but no CS gas was deployed, according to police. Police in a news release said they declared a riot shortly after 10.15 p.m.

Police said on Wednesday an officer sustained a minor injury and there were two arrests, one on charges of rioting, unlawful use of a weapon and assaulting a public safety officer, and another on charges of criminal mischief and reckless endangering. Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury released a statement at midnight, saying a small group of protesters had set fire to the Office of Community Involvement. The protesters, some wearing gas masks and carrying shields, lit fires in dumpsters and used lighter fuel to start a fire inside the Multnomah Building big enough to set off the sprinkler system, police said. “This is the heart of our County, where people in our community come to get married, get their passports, and celebrate their cultural traditions and diversity,” she said in a statement. In a statement, Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury said the Office of Community Involvement, which is dedicated to engaging community members marginalized by the traditional political process, in the Multnomah Building had been set on fire.

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