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How Long Is Frisky Business?

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Filled with lighthearted banter, laughs, and countless romantic moments, Frisky Business is the quintessential romantic comedy. Lila Monroe is so great at writing books with fantastic banter, characters that make you smile, and the perfect combination of sweet vs. steam. I have loved every one of these Chick Flick Club books , and Frisky Business did not disappoint. A hilarious, laugh out loud, crackling with tension romantic comedy that has ALL the fireworks shooting out between the pages! Noah and Eve have that hate to love thing going on that made the story fun, amusing, sexy and steamy. I laughed a lot, I found myself squirming and panting and the story was just too much fun not to enjoy.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that her besties have been trying to get her back into the dating game and set up her profile on an online app. Through this she meets some interesting men but only one really piqued her interest, shame he turns out to be a bit of a let down. I love this shop it’s actually the only one I will go to. The shops clean and bright not like one of the seedier shops at all. Every time I’ve gone in the staff has been exceptionally helpful. Also if I say I don’t need help I’m not bothered.

Great characters, amazing story line and delicate twists to the story make Frisky Business one great read, can’t forget the 4 leg pals either. “Dogs are way better than men”, says Eve after one romantic disaster after another. While gal pals Gemma and Zoey have found love, Eve, a true romantic, is still waiting to find her one-and-only soul mate.

This story definitely gives you all the feels and really makes you want to run off to your local shelter and get some doggie love of your own. Another fun-filled rom-com from Lila Monroe. A book filled with sexual tension, chemistry, wonderfully quirky characters and a great storyline which kept the pages turning. The attraction smoulders between Eve and Noah and their chemistry is off the charts.

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