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Frisky Business Series In Order By Kendall Ryan

Noah was just your normal guy looking for a big break in his marketing business and living in the pool house of his godparents’ epic mansion. His journey throughout the book was leading to success – but in a totally self-made kind of a way. He was fun, charming, and hilarous – all without being a cliche. Lila Monroe has out done herself again with another great book to add to the Chick Flick Club series.

Frisky Business is an absolutely amazing,sizzling hot,super sweet and entertaining experience that you really need to one click straight away. Dogs, phone apps and some seriously cute pics left me laughing out loud. Of course, the road of true love is never straightforward and Noah’s and Eve’s hit a pothole. Will they patch it up or left the hole turn into a chasm? Find out today when you One-Click this beauty. Frisky Business by Lila Monroe is a sizzling hot, amazing and funny story.

Eve and Noah are a somewhat “opposites attract” couple. True love enthusiast Eve and Mr. Playboy Noah seem to butt heads more times than not, especially when they both discover they’ll be roommates. Having previously met under false pretenses, Eve thinks she knows exactly who Noah is. But when mishap happens, their only solution is to work together to get themselves out of trouble.

This is where you take your companion to shop and look, or go on your own. The staff here is the most knowledgeable and friendliest of people working anywhere. Nothing overpriced and there are a lot more products and value in their online store than what you see displayed on the shelf. FYI they don’t sell poppers and they don’t do the video rooms. She was totally in that phase of adulting where you’re stuck between crap jobs and your hobbies while trying to make ends meet. She was smart, funny, and had a heart of gold.

Eve is an animal lover and bounces between dog and house sitting jobs which is where she finally gets her turn at happiness. After mistaking Noah for a date she is mortified and knows she will not see him again. That is until fate places a hand and steps in to take control. Lila Monroe had me from chapter one in this fun, quirky and oh so entertaining read about three friends, Eve, Zoey and Gemma. Zoey and Gemma have found their happily ever afters and Eve is feeling a little adrift.

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