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Frisky Business Series By Kendall Ryan

It’s refreshing, rather witty, with characters that you will want to be friends with. I loved reading it and I hope you love it as much as I did. I don’t know how to put into words that this story, series, and Lila Monroe have me feeling giddy with a happy heart. Frisky Business by Lila Monroe is one of the most entertaining, page flipping, hands-down, rom-coms of 2019. Ms. Monroe is spot on with her wit and snarky comments written into her characters. I swear you will be laughing out loud and learning to one-click every book that she has written.

To see what your friends thought of this book,please sign up. I’m looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Most Likely to Sneak Out of Bed , so despite the red-hot sparks between us, I’m determined to stay away. But when one little party gets way out of hand, we’re suddenly both on the wrong side of trouble. Unless we can come up with ten thousand dollars in the next three weeks, we’re screwed. And not just when it comes to the adorable pooches.

If a trail of broken hearts and a piss-poor record of failed relationships have taught me anything, it’s this. My buddies are happy to give me shit about my latest breakup from here to next Sunday. Thanks, but I’d rather have a root canal. Relief comes in an unlikely package – the gorgeous and feisty Maren. She just so happens to be my best friend’s sister, so that’s not awkward at all.

This super sweet tale of a dog-sitter and a media man was more than a little bit entertaining. There was barely any angst and plenty of feels. Add some cute furbabies and I’m in heaven. Frisky Business is a fantastic light hearted Rom com with dogs involved.

This is the third and last book in the Chick Flick Club series that centers around friends Gemma, Zoey and Eve. While Eve’s friends have found their happily ever after both personally and professionally, Eve is floundering. Eve is living in a Frat/sorority house, that is pretty disgusting, but it is all she can afford. She doesn’t have a full time gig, house/pet sitting and volunteering at a local animal shelter. She meets Noah, mistaking him for her on-line date Kyle, he flirts then infuriates her.

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