Frisky Small business Series. Perform the most effective video game

Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

Eve figures she will never see not-Kyle again. Since this a RomCom, Eve happens to get a house/pet sitting gig in a mansion, and guess who is living in the pool house. One house party later and a broken expensive tchotchke, they have to work together to replace it. Like all of Lila Monroe’s books, this is full of laughs and wonderful characters. I was given an ARC of this book from the author for my fair and honest review.

Frisky Business is exactly the humorous and light-hearted read that I needed, and it’s a great addition and ending to Monroe’s Chick Flick Club series. The pretender, Noah, turns out to be inhabiting the pool house of Eve’s upcoming dog and mansion-sitting gig. The attraction is obvious and their banter is hilarious.

Therefore, when he finds himself feeling things for Eve it is a bit unexpected. She is gorgeous and all but there is so much more to her than he first realised. This is the nicest, cleanest, classiest place around.

It takes some household damage and a hair-brained moneymaking idea to ignite their flame. I never fail to smile when I read a Lila Monroe book. This is an excellent example of Romantic Comedy at it’s finest and I recommend you one click ASAP, I don’t think you will. I adored this last installment of the Chick Flick Club,it was an enjoyable read. There was definitely something about her that has remained in his thoughts but he thinks she is not really his type. He continues on with his single life, with a string of ladies visiting his pool house and Eve ignores whatever is going on in the backyard.

Can Eve and Noah be fated to be together, grab your copy of Frisky Business for laugh out loud humor and knock your socks off romance. Unfortunately, a mishap occurs, and these two adults need to find a way to correct the incident before the couple owning the place return. Noah and Eve were just perfect together, even when they were exasperated with one another. It’s too hard to pick a winner out of this three part series of standalones.

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