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Despite several warnings, the crowd remained outside of the Multnomah Building. The riot declaration allows officers to use crowd control methods such as tear gas or flash bang devices. Police said in their statement that some unspecified “crowd control munitions” were used to disperse the crowd but that officers did not use tear gas. This is more than property paid for by community members; these buildings host critical materials and spaces that provide essential services and support to our community at large. The damage is costing millions of dollars that could be used to help people during an already challenging time. Protesters in Portland marched to a government building Tuesday night, smashing windows and setting an office ablaze in what authorities called a riot.

The city manager is responsible for planning, directing and supervising the activities of all City employees. He develops, implements and administers the policies of the City, manages and controls functions of City departments and performs duties and functions relative to a wide range of City programs and functions. The city manager ensures that City ordinances, resolutions and regulations are executed and enforced. He develops and administers theCity Councilmeeting agenda, promotes continuous improvement in service delivery and identifies and responds to community needs.

Systematic homeless, systematic thugs and systematic insanity has turned Portland into a systematic feces hole. But, but, but, Kitty Kate said this would not happen if the feds left town, was she lying to us? Maybe she needs more Soro’s monies to get them to go back after the feds and leave the city and state buildings alone. Someone impersonating the press to cause violence doesn’t damn the press, unless one has trouble in differentiation, as you always do. Officers continue to respond each night, knowing they will have rocks, fireworks, and more thrown at them. They see the injuries sustained by their co-workers and wonder if this will be the night they are injured as well.

During the march, streets were blocked to vehicular traffic by support vehicles associated with the group. “This is the heart of our county, where people in our community come to get married, get their passports, and celebrate their cultural traditions and diversity,” she said in a statement. Once a hole was punctured in the windows, protesters appeared to toss flaming materials inside the building — setting the office ablaze.

Many of the group members began to vandalize the Multnomah Building with graffiti. Around 10 p.m., several people started a large dumpster fire near Southeast 6th Avenue and Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard. Another fire was started in a dumpster and the dumpster was then rolled towards the southwest side of the Multnomah Building by members of the group. During this time, small fires were lit outside of the Multnomah Building and people in the group began cracking the glass windows of the building. Several windows were cracked, and some windows were broken completely open when group members threw large rocks at them. Participants have repeatedly broken into the offices of a police union headquarters building miles away from downtown, and last month clashed for weeks with federal agents dispatched to protect a U.S. courthouse targeted by protesters.

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