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Government Center East

Parents should accompany their child to this meeting to assist in finding the appropriate project and club time for meeting. The Lackawanna County Arts and Culture Department has released the 2022 Arts and Culture Community Project grants. Individuals, non-profits, and municipalities may apply for up to $3,000 for a community arts, culture or history project that benefits the community.

Kafoury acknowledged the “grave injustice” protesters were fighting against, but she urged the community to “work together” to address the issues created by the coronavirus pandemic. “This is the heart of our County, where people in our community come to get married, get their passports, and celebrate their cultural traditions and diversity,” she said. Maybe you’ll come to your senses now that BLM thugs are killing animals because “only white people care about animals.” But probably not. Actually I think it is time to bring in a City/State management that will kick these rioters to the curb and let the rest of the city/state get on with their lives. The liberal leaders in Portland, the DA, Teddy and Queen Kate really have an effective system in place for a peaceful robust, productive and safe city. Maybe we need some systematic prosecutions and systematic jail time.

The destruction at the Multnomah Building last night occurred on yet another night of senseless criminal activity in the City of Portland. Breaking windows, using accelerants to ensure a fire catches and damaging property are not solutions, but further demonstrate the intent to engage in anarchy at the expense of the entire community. 23-year-old Jesse Hawk was arrested and charged with riot, interfering with a peace officer, resisting arrest, unlawful use of a weapon , assaulting a public safety officer , harassment , disorderly conduct II, and attempt escape. 40-year-old Peter Curtis was arrested and charged with attempt criminal mischief I, and reckless endangering. In the evening hours of August 18, 2020, a group of several hundred people gathered in Colonel Sumners Park located on the 1800 block of Southeast Taylor Street for a march that began around 9 p.m. The march proceeded west to the 500 block of Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard which is where the Multnomah Building is located.

We continue to get asked how this will end and how the violence will stop. The solution is in a critical mass of community and partners coming together to denounce this criminal activity and call it out as it does not represent what we know our community at large wants or values. The solution includes broad support for the police to do their job in exhausting and challenging circumstances. The solution also includes elected officials and people in positions of power coming together in support of the real change, but against those who continue to feel empowered to act in a way that devalues our City with every brick thrown, every fire lit, and every crime committed. When the group reached the Multnomah Building, they blocked traffic on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard at Southeast Grand Avenue. Several people in the crowd were seen carrying shields and wearing helmets and gas masks.

In January 2021, the Office of the CIO took over the lease of another state agency for two floors in a privately owned commercial office building that Dunn said was an upgrade over the state-owned building that had been flooded. Twenty-one projects, focusing on outdoor recreation, public safety, security, technology, and accessibility, were approved for funding by the Lackawanna County Commissioners through their Community Re-Invest Program totaling $101,338. Surgeon General issued an Advisory for individuals and organizations to join a nationwide effort to confront the urgent threat of health misinformation. To support this effort, Kick COVID-19 Community Corps is asking area schools, businesses, organizations, and community leaders to join its partner organizations in committing to and promoting five simple and actionable steps. The lakes at Aylesworth, Merli-Sarnoski and Covington Parks are cleared for swimming once again. All County parks are open until dusk for the public to use the various amenities.

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